A psychologist and a photographer: The two people who are changing my life

A quirky pair these two- Photographer Vipul Amar who has an aversion to the glamorous theatrics associated to photography and Psychologist Harsheen K. Arora who was aching to find a way of creative expression and innovation in psychologic techniques. And together, they created something so phenomenal, it could be life transforming for anyone looking for an insight into his own true self.

A friend common to the three of us introduced me to them. And when I met these two, the sheer faith and truth in their aura was overwhelming for me. This was a pair of pure genius with the proverbial heart of gold. I had only heard of ‘healers’ , you know people whose mere presence in a room can make you feel light and give you the strength to carry on and face every adversity in life. Being in their company makes one realise what it truly means to be in a place completely free of judgements, where your actions don’t have to be calculated and your appearance wont be what you are judged on.

Vipul sir, A dark skinned man with a deep voice and eyes that are both fierce and protective at the same time, eyes with a lifetime of pitfalls and bruises hidden in the crow feet they get when he smiles. Eyes that will make you marvel at the fact that living life right is not about not making any mistakes, but it is about taking all the mistakes, the backstabbing and ruthlessness of youth and moulding it into the gems that adorn the fabric of your character. He is a man who cannot wait for heaven to give him respite, he has his own definition of heaven, and he has made it for himself with his own bare hands while there is still blood gushing in them.

Harsheen Arora or Sheena Ma’am as she is fondly known. A petite woman with the magnanimity of a swan and the regal gait of a lioness, a woman who has come to define for me what a woman actually should be. Being in the same room with her can be so soothing and so freeing it makes the soul buoyant as if it has just been freed from some previously unseen shackles and has just realised it had wings. There is immaculate elegance in her actions and fearless acceptance in her person. She can decode your personality before you can finish saying your name. The only thing I can hope is that one day I find the luck to be able to be mentored by her.

Let me just give you a brief over view (please bear with the ‘journalistic’ tone of the paragraph): In 2012, Psychologist Harsheen K. Arora came up with a breathtakingly unique concept that she called The Stupid Eye Project, Which brings out a person’s imagery of the ‘ideal self’ using therapeutic imagery and numerous individual and group therapy sessions. She partnered with Vipul Sir who would conceptualise and create a photo shoot for each participant based on the results of his or her therapy sessions, The shoot along with therapeutic intervention during the shoot led the person to feel closer to his ideal self.  The project has become a published study in The world Mental Health Conference. Mr. Amar and Ms. Harsheen have now partnered to create a brand called The ‘V’ Renaissance that is dedicated to the revival of art associated with the Renaissance era, The brand focusses on the most exquisite material and precise craftsmanship to create products so flawless they truly look as if they belong to another time.

Ever so rarely you meet people whose mere existence, every action, word and belief can inspire you to be the best of who you can be. I am Extremely lucky to have found two, and overwhelmed with the affection you two bless me with.

Thank you.