The Life Alert commercial: What went wrong?

Ad Review

Product: Life Alert

Type: TVC

Agency: SpotOnMedia

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Being an aspiring copywriter my daily dose of media includes scouting the internet for advertisements both new and old, good and bad. Today I came across a recent T.V. commercial by Life Alert which, to be quite honest was far from being ‘Spot on’.

The commercial in short shows how an old woman who is alone at home falls from the stairs and can’t get up, her cries for help fill the air as life goes on normally for people outside unaware of her situation.

In my opinion what went wrong with this ad was simply the fact that the sensitivity of sentiment associated with human life which often is crucial while handling products like Life Insurance, Safety devices, Pepper sprays etc. The only thing wrong with the ad is the treatment of a core insight.

Presenting people with an old helpless woman, hoping they will see their grandmothers in her is not they way to encourage them to buy your safety device, not every one will take it in the vein it is presented.

In short, if your advertisement scares a person to the bones the chances of him being enthused to buy your product are very bleak.

In my opinion, it could have simply been the woman recalling how she fell down the stairs the other day and was saved thanks to Life Alert and how she cannot imagine what would have happened if she didn’t have it on her. I know its cliché, but considering the nature of the product and the sensitivity associated with it, it’s best to stick to clichés sometimes, after all, they’ve been around for a reason haven’t they?



Goodbye Dear Sorrow

Goodbye dear sorrow

I have fond memories of you

I have to go

To find you anew

In unknown lands

And stormy sands

I wither in the search

Of what gave you your due


Goodbye dear sorrow

You’ve lived here enough

Your rent is over due

And you’ve got a cough

You dance damn fine

In tobacco and green

I’m off to a loveless land unseen


Goodbye dear sorrow

You’ve bound me enough

I wish we could be friends

But I’m too frail for you

A gypsy once told me

I will make a world of my own

I’m off to a loveless land unknown

Goodbye dear sorrow, Goodbye

Denim throwback salad

Basic denim men’s shirt
Black overalls
A bottle of quirk

So I don’t really ‘dress up’ every day but there are days I have my vintage on.

And these days I’m so drunk on denim its not even funny. So here is my favourite look from my experiments with denim, I like to call it:

“The Basic Denim seizure salad”

> Put on your black over alls

> Add a denim shirt front open or tied in a knot, whichever way you like it

> Moisturise your face, Put a heavy load of Mascara on those lashes and a bright lipstick, I go for M. A. C. Plumful I just love how the pink brings out my complexion!

> Add some quirk, since the whole look is so basic, you can accessorise with bling and not look like a disco ball, I love to pair my denims with shimmering gold flat ballerinas and a huge big bag, mine is a dark brown beauty from D&G, its so huge I can carry the world in it!

There, Basic Denim seizure salad served! Goes well with office, that catchup date with the girls, or just a relaxed Sunday on your own.



Thats me in my favourite denim shirt! 😀
Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 7.33.09 PM

These are the ballerinas I wear with the look, dirt cheap from the markets of Gk-1 M block.


Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 7.30.47 PM

This Beauty here is my lovely D&G neither dirt, nor cheap! 😉 My absolute favourite!

Rains and her

He came home furious, he hated rains, especially in Delhi the roads were muddy and jammed, electricity had the mood swings of a Cancerian, and there were too many people on the road trying to get drenched in the rain.
“Why would anyone voluntarily want to spoil his or her clothes in a downpour of polluted water?” he said pouring a cup of coffee. He looked up to find her dripping from head to toe smiling sheepishly at him. He shook his head and sat down with his coffee.
She changed into clean pajamas and sat beside him, snuggling her neck through the hook of his arm. She was smelling of rainwater and coffee, and that’s when he remembered why he loved the rains.

#rain #love