Realisations Part 1

“Red lipstick is essential” Word.

Text and The City

I had some time to myself at work, so my brain went on overdrive and this happened.

Random Realizations at 22 (part I):

  • I feel horrified at how I treated my teachers. I used to think the only problem in their lives was, well, us. That level of self importance made me think, “meh, let’s trouble the woman who tries to reason with me as to why math is important.” I wonder if she was happy with her husband, or if she had figured out ‘WHO’ she was, you know. Yes, she  had made an informed choice  to spend half her day with TEENAGERS, raging hormonal satan-worshipping teenagers, but I could’ve made it easier on her.
  • Okay, so in all practicality I’ve had a couple of boyfriends. Technically, I’ve had like 14-15. Some totally platonic (no literally, I’ve had brotherly feelings towards a few). Most of them lasted for under a week…

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Big bowl of Mashed Potatoes

I have too much to write about!
Ad campaigns, books, food, places, people, poems, movies, plays, paintings, photographs, more food and so on…
I can take fancy to anything from a light bulb to the new Durex ‘Do the rex’ campaign and then I go into a long endless pondering spree. My friends are used to jolting me out of them, my ‘friends’ however, have gotten used to them.
And since I give myself the benefit of doubt of not being utterly pointless all the time, I decided to put some of the rambling into a bowl, garnish it with as much wit as I can muster and present it to anyone who has the time for some pointless conversation.
So…here it is!
Stay tuned for more Mashed potatoes!